Welcome to the home of Merchandise Financial Planning (Open to Buy).

Retailers are under increasing threat with retail sales unlikely to return to normal levels for some years. The Merchandise Financial Planning process for retailers is a must have management tool to review category performance and provide the buying team the information to shop for a winning sustainable product offer. Inflated stock levels with dated product will be a thing of the past, a luxury that retailers cannot carry in the business.

Relevancy of the product offer to this changing market is everything. That is what category management is about.

It is important for retailers to embrace practical and sensible disciplines in their business to enable profitable outcomes. Those disciplines require, like a professional sports person, ongoing training and practice every day. The Merchandise Financial Planner enables retailers to see "what if" scenarios as they build their product offer for their customer with a clear understanding of the implications on the bottom line and cash flow requirements to action the plan. 

We would be delighted to talk to you to show you and your retail team how to embrace these disciplines.