Range and Margin Planner (RAMP)

Range and Margin Planner (RAMP)

The Range and Margin Planner allows the buying team to review their product range plan by category and sub category prior to the placement of orders. The MFP-OTB automatically imports the amount of money available to spend. The buying team then plan up to 12 months the mix of product applying predetermine criteria to each SKU. This ensures that errors in the mix of product are clearly highlighted and corrected.

Criteria such as supplier, colour, season, style, market segment, source of product, number of units, potential first margin mix or size range are applied to each SKU option as the range is developed.

The RAMP can then be filtered to allow management to quantifying the direction of the range and where money is being spent. For example, too much emphasis on a particular colour or price point can be filtered from the range plan to quantify the depth compared to the total offer in that category or sub category.

RAMP Training Open to Buy

As the Range and Option Plan is built for a season or year, the source of product and FX exposure can be quantified for cash flow and budgeting requirements by filtering.

RAMP Retail Training source and quoted cost in FX

The potential first margin mix of items ranged and the number of units is quantified.

RAMP Retail Training first margin

The OTB at cost by SKU option is placed into the month of delivery. Comparison to OTB available, planned SKU’s and ordered SKU’s can be quantified by month by category.

RAMP Retail Training open to buy by SKU option

Retail value of SKU’s Ordered in the Range Option Plan are quantified by month by category and sub category providing the number of units committed and the average cost and sell and the first margin on ordered product.

RAMP Retail Training average unit cost

The Range and Margin Planner (RAMP) is an important planning tool that allows allocation of the Open to Buy into a well thought out planned range option plan. The RAMP is a perpetual file that is rolled into future months as orders are placed and OTB spent each month.

The RAMP document is available to buying teams that have embraced the MFP-OTB methodology.



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