MFP BusiCalc Gross Profit Calculator

This online potential Gross Profit calculator (orFirst Margin) provides you with many"what if" scenarios in relation to your cost price and sell price.

Calculations-To Select the calculationyou require click on the down arrow below
Input - All input cells are shown in a bluefont on a darker yellow background
Muliple Units-  can be entered under units( full calculationswill appear)
Rounding-  can be changed by selecting the roundingbutton

Check out the BusiCalc Range Planner  onthis web page which is an important planning tool for retailers.

Tax Rate on the Price(beforetax). This is the same as % onthe price includingtax
You must enter one of thefollowing:
Mark Up on Cost%Percent
orFirst Margin on Selling Price before Tax(%)Percent
orMark Up/First margin ($ /Unit)Value
Sub Category
Delivery Month
Cost to Selling Price(
Cost per Unit(including tax) 
Tax at % ( % on InclusiveCost)$0.00
Cost per Unit(excludingtax)$0.00
Mark Up on Cost$0.000.00%
First Margin % on Selling Pricebefore Tax 0.00%
* Mark upand Margin values are the same 
Selling Price per Unit before Tax$0.00