Welcome to the home of Merchandise Financial Planning (Open to Buy).

Here you can download an evaluation copy of the MFP Open to Buy program, use the online BusiCalc Gross Profit calculator, view the Range and Margin Planner (RAMP) document or download the brand new BisyCalc Retail Margin Calculator App. These are very useful tools that retailers can use day to day in their business. In retailing good planning, good product, good service and good merchandise presentation contribute to a successful retail business. Learn how Open to Buy planning can improve your retail business.

It is most important for retailers to embrace practical and sensible disciplines in their business to enable profitable outcomes. Those disciplines require, like a professional sports person, ongoing training and practice each and every day. The Merchandise Financial Planner, together with the Gross Profit calculator and range planner enables retailers to see "what if" scenarios as they build their product offer for their customer. We would be delighted to talk to you to show you and your retail team how to embrace these disciplines.


BisyCalc Retail Margin Calculator App


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